Priveel Peptides is a peptide synthesizing company, founded in 2018 with a rich and growing standards of developing a unique business model designed to handle all types of peptide manufacturing project from micro to large for research purpose. We offer the best solutions for today and are relentlessly developing innovation for tomorrow. We are passionate & dedicated to support our customers in discovering breakthrough medical advances that will significantly improve the life of patients. As partners we work hand in hand.

About Priveel Peptides

                        Priveel peptides provide a high quality custom peptide and peptide modifications to high throughput peptide library and array synthesis. Our teams of chemists are well-trained; we delivered over custom peptides and are fully capable of meeting the ever-increasing peptide needs in biological and drug discovery research. Priveel Peptides success rate for peptide synthesis is well above the industry standard when synthesizing difficult peptides, for example, long peptides up to 200 AA, highly hydrophobic peptides, cyclic peptides and other difficult peptides.

                        At Priveel peptides, custom synthesized peptides are under strict quality control processes. MS and HPLC analyses are performed for all custom peptides. QC (quality control) and QA (quality assurance) procedures are also followed independently to offer you double guarantee for the highest quality possible of every delivered peptide. Moreover, our dedicated technical customer team will guide your project through every step of the process and constantly keep you informed of the latest project progress.

Our mission

To create customer satisfaction and foster long-term customer loyalty through excellence in peptide technology, quality, value, service and customer support.

Our goal

To assist our clients at every step of product development of peptide synthesis in research.

Our Support

We strive to be your preferred partner from simple to complex peptide manufacturing by consistently providing you with the highest quality products and services.

Our uniqueness 

We produce high quality peptides for independent researcher starting from very lower scale at a lower price.

Peptide drugs meet the medical needs of various diseases. In the foreseeable future, due to the increase in the prevalence of chronic diseases, their importance and demand will increase. Availability of effective and quick-acting drugs and implementation of processes. Innovative production of high-quality drugs, low cost, and respect for the environment are key factors in meeting social needs. Priveel Peptides was founded in 2018 by me to expand and improve the research technological foundation at low cost, and environmentally friendly. We will continue to cooperate with our excellent academic and industrial technology network in the drug industry to establish our technical foundation, and sincerely hope that our efforts can bring smiles to patients all over the world.

Priveel Peptides
Regus Business Center,
RMZ Milenia Business Park,
Phase 2, Campus 4B, 6th Floor
Dr. M.G.R Road,
Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600096

+91 7548865319 / 044-6691 513

Custom peptide synthesis enquiries

Priveel Peptides has a team of experienced peptide chemists ready to assist with your synthesis enquiries. To discuss your peptide synthesis requirements or to request a quotation kindly email us. 

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